Do you have nurses?

Yes, we have a registered nurse (RN), who is our Care Manager and is available to our clients. In addition, we also have Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s) who are available for our clients 24 hours a day.

What is the age range of your clients?

There is no age limit. we serve individuals of all ages including children and adults.

May I bring my own furnishing to your group homes?

Yes. All our homes are fully furnished; however, it is your home and we believe you should have all the comforts & furnishings you desire. Our residents enjoy decorating their own rooms to add their own unique personality to their homes.

May I take a tour to your group homes before I move in?

Absolutely. You are welcome to visit our homes. It is all in the interests of making sure your loved ones are happy once they move in. Our agents can schedule individual appointments at a time that works best for you.

Are your outing programs free?

Yes,they are absolutely free; because we care about your loved ones and knowing that getting individuals out & about can help increase their social interaction & opportunity to exercise. That is why we offer free outings ( Zoo Excursions, Museum Outings & Bowling) to all interested individuals living in our group homes or in their own homes.

May I choose not to participate in your outings program?

Yes absolutely; your loved ones will be encouraged to pursue their chosen hobbies, and we will provide the ultimate support to further enhance and enrich their active lifestyles. Access Care of America supports the idea that every individual should have the opportunity to live and participate in the community as they desire.

Do your Direct Care Professionals undergo continuous training?

Yes, they continuously received on-the-go training under the delegation of a registered nurse (RN) for every new medication administered to our clients. They also undergo quarterly training on how to recognize and report abuse, neglect, and exploitation. All our caregivers are required to renew their certifications (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), Behavioral & Med-Aide) annually.

Are your staff members qualified to provide the services needed?

Yes, only staff members who are experienced and trained will be available to serve your loved ones. We match our staff members based on the skills needed and personality traits necessary for a good relationship.

How do I get started and be part of those you served?

Home & Community-Based Service Program is only available to individuals who meet the eligibility Medicaid waiver program and have been offered enrollment by Texas Health & Human Services. To get started, your first point of contact is your assigned Service Coordinator and let them know you have chosen us as your provider.

What services will my loved ones receive in your Home & Community-Based service program?

Individuals are eligible to a wide array of services through the program, which includes but not limited to: Residential, & Supported Home Living. There are also other services available through this program including Professional Therapies, Nursing, Day Habilitation, Employment Support, Adaptive Aids & Minor Home Modifications

If you have any additional questions, please contact our toll free at 1-800-845-4031 to speak with one of our representatives or email us at info@accesscareofamerica.com.