Learning can be a fun and engaging way to keep our clients feeling young and up-to-date – especially helping them keep tabs with new technology and health updates; it is also a good way for them to have healthy minds and keep brain diseases like Alzheimer’s at bay. Access Care of America encourages all kinds of learning and our Lifelong Learning programs offer specialized programs to increase self-reliance. This helps our clients stay included in their daily activities and cares.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower our clients to become as independent as possible. We help them learn different things from basic sewing and crocheting to new technological updates and how to work them to recognizing the signs of abuse, neglect, and exploitation and how to report them. This learning is supplemented by audio-video and face-to-face contact classes which are held at their homes or study centers on holidays and weekends. Our clients will also have the opportunity to join the public library and pick up books of their choice. Our staffs will read to them when necessary.

Types of lifelong learning opportunity

Everybody has a different way that they learn best. We work with our clients to figure out how they learn best i.e. if they learn by watching, listening, or by trying it themselves before starting to teach them. Our lifelong learning opportunities includes:

Continuing Learning – including library and Internet resources. We offer a regular schedule library session (pick up/return books) on every other Friday.

Self-directed learning – The personal learning environment will be comprised of a variety of fun learning activities where clients take their own time to find out and teach themselves new skills or information– with staff assistance.

Adult skill learning – This involves the acquisition of basic skills including learning how to measure, count and sew/make items.

Professional development – This involves learning new or improving already known skills to assist clients in job acquisition.

Just Ask Learning sessions

In addition to our variety of lifelong learning services, we also offer Just Ask learning sessions presenting the latest information on topics of interest to our clients. They will have the opportunity to direct their own learning, take initiatives, and make decisions on what or how they want to learn. They will be encouraged to take a lead role in all aspects of the planning and delivery of learning opportunities.

How our clients will benefit from our life-long learning programs….

Our goal is for them to maintain a healthy mind and develop enough social/technological skills to result in strong community connections. These connections will prove valuable in moving forward with person-centered planning.

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