Want to live in a community-based home-like settings, we’ve got you covered?

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), like all Americans, have a right to live in their own homes, or in a community- home settings. Access Care of America, honor individual choices and preferences.

Whether they want to stay in their own homes, or want to live in a group home with a few other people, we will support the housing that reflects their personal preferences and styles. we provide community-based accessible homes in safe and attractive neighborhoods and communities that is accessible, affordable, integrated, and sustainable for our residences. We buy, rent, renovate and furnish safe and nice homes that provides atmosphere of love, security, and safety.

Our group home, offers a home-like setting which provides room and board including comfortable private, or semi-private, rooms where residences receive 24/7 direct support and other service entitle to them.

Our residence will live as independently as possible while sharing values and goals with other people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as get access to public resources in the community.

All our Homes are fully furnished; however, it is your home and we will welcome if want to bring their own furnishings as they desire. We’ll also welcome tour visits to our homes.

Want to learn more about our group homes, please contact us.