1. "It's hard to imagine what Jayla’s life would be like without Access Care of America. Our family has come to rely so heavily on access care to support Jayla. I just had to write to express my gratitude for having been part of such a great company. She would always have a difficult time been around others and would normally act out. But when she joined access care, she really likes it there and has become a social person. She has joined the library and she is always excited to tell us about the books she picked. The staffs are unbelievably supportive and helpful. I do not know that I have the words to reflect the overwhelming gratitude and respect I have for every member of the access care team."

  2. "I struggled with the thought of having to let strangers care for my son. With Access care of America, I could not imagine how strangers would be willing to truly care for him, plus he had to be feed through a gastrostomy tube. I feared that my son would be left in to sit all day without being feed. But I could not have been more wrong! Access care is a very special place. I am consistently amazed by their level of commitment. They tirelessly strive to find ways to care for my son. whenever I visited him, he has nice haircuts. I’m continuously inspired by the staffs and their genuine love for him. The staff of access care is what sets them apart, and we continue to feel blessed by what they have provided him."

  3. "My niece has multiple challenge. She was born with a brain disorder called Cerebral palsy as well as epilepsy. The care, and support she receives at access care of America has helped her to make tremendous gains. Access care of America understands people like her. She has achieved several milestones at access care. One of the more amazing milestones was been able to have a good cognitive development. she made her own crochet keyholder which she gave to us as a Christmas gift. We were so be happy and still have the crochet keyholder. Her hair is always neatly done. In addition, her bedroom is well kept with an organized closet."

  4. "Just a quick note to let you know that our daughter is enjoying his time at access care. She has always look neat and have nice braids on. I can’t thank you and your helpers enough. You have made our daughter gleeful. She now does her hair for free and take free trips and save up her allowances. You’re all a very special group of people. It is a pleasure seeing her happy. As parents, we could not be happier and there is not enough praise for the entire staff who works endlessly with such positive attitude. Thank you all!"

  5. "We found out about access care of America and we were forever grateful. We love the way the company integrates its program activities throughout the day not just while he is attending day habilitation. I watched my son during a music and relaxation session. He enjoyed it, especially when they dimmed the lights and he could just focus on the sensory lights. I felt that it stimulated many of his senses. I could see him getting excited and he would frequently vocalize. I remember one moment when he was moving his fingers and his feet when the music was playing. This was an incredible moment. He looked so happy and that just melts my heart. We were very happy to have been introduced to access care."

  6. "All I can say is “WOW”! You wouldn’t believe the difference. He is having so much fun and he is very happy, it’s just gone through the roof. For him, the outings are so important since he love to explore new things. He has had a couple of excursion trips and he loves them all. He has gone horseback riding, gone to local water and amusement parks, along with countless other field trip activities. The experiences access care provides for him are invaluable and cannot be found anywhere else. Access care of America is a godsend. I’m overjoyed that our son is able to receive support from this truly remarkable company."


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