Vehicle Donation

Have a vehicle you no longer need? Your four wheels could help us continue our mission of providing free social activities to all those we serve.

Your vehicle donation is fast, free, convenient, tax-deductible, and you’ll feel good knowing that your donation will make a difference in the lives of the individuals with developmental disabilities.

As a part of our commitment to our mission and those we serve who entrust us with their care, our organization offers free social activities to individuals with developmental disabilities to help them enjoy life with no limitation.

Please consider donating your vehicle to Access Care of America.

Thank you for giving! Gracias!

Vehicle Donation Form

Vehicle Donation Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim the vehicle donation on my taxes?
Our driver will issue a receipt at the time of pick up. However, it is not your final tax receipt, unless the sale of your vehicle does not exceed $500. If your donated vehicle is sold for more than $500, we will mail you an IRS form 1098-C for tax purposes, which contains the VIN, date of sale, gross proceeds of the sale, and the date of your donation.
What vehicles can I donate?
We accept most cars, trucks, trailers, boats, and RVs.
How will the car be picked up?
Arrangements will be made to have your vehicle towed away at a scheduled time for both running & non-running vehicles at no cost to you.
What do I need to provide?
Besides the car, all you need is to provide the title of your donated vehicle upon pickup.
Can you pick up vehicles in all 50 states?
We partnered with a vehicle donation service company that does all the arrangements in Texas. However, it is also possible to pick up most vehicles in the continental U.S. Please fill out the form, and someone may contact you to have your vehicle towed away at a scheduled time.
How does vehicle donation work?

Access Care of America works with a reputable vehicle donation service partner that will make all the arrangements to pick-up your car donation at no cost to you. A small percentage of the proceeds goes to them as a well-earned fee for towing, providing the auction services and paperwork.