Employee Rights

All employees have basic rights in the workplace — including right to be free from discrimination and harassment of all types; right to a safe workplace free of dangerous conditions, toxic substances, and other potential safety hazards; fair compensation; the right to privacy; right to be free from retaliation for filing a claim or complaint against an employer; and right to fair wages for work performed. A job applicant also has certain rights even prior to being hired as an employee. Those rights include the right to be free from discrimination based on age, gender, race, national origin, or religion during the hiring process.

How Do I Report an Incident?
Employees or any member of Access Care of America have the right to raise a concern or make a complaint regarding discrimination without fear of retaliation. If you feel that your rights may have been violated in the context of your employment or feel discriminated based on race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, you can file a grievance, in person, by mail, or email with:

Amadou Jogoh, Director of Quality and Risk Analysis
3007 Casa Bella, Arlington, Texas, 76010

Tel: (903) 372-5006
Email: ajogoh@accesscareofamerica

Anonymous complaints may also be filed by reporting to our online Discrimination complaint report form

Please keep in mind that if a complaint is made anonymous, the person who made the complaint won’t be able to know about the results of the investigation. 

Access Care of America Complaint Process:
Within 24 hours of receipt of complaint,

  • Our quality and risk analysis team will review all the facts relevant to the points made in the complaint.
  • Law enforcement will be notified if anything is criminal.

Our complaints handling procedure aims to provide a quick, simple and streamlined process for resolving complaints. We always try to deliver a final response to a complaint within 30 days. However, some complaints that are complex would require careful consideration and a detailed investigation and can continue beyond the 30-day limit but not more than 90 days.

Closing the complaint.
Access Care of America takes all complaints seriously. We will inform the person filling the compliant of the outcome in writing. We’ll ensure that our response to the complaint addresses all areas that we are responsible for and explain the reasons for our decision. The complaint will then be closed and the complaints system updated accordingly.

Individuals may also file a civil rights complaint with Texas Workforce Commission — Civil Rights Division (TWC-CRD) or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

To file a claim with the TWC-CRD

Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division

117 Trinity St., Room 144-T

Austin, Texas 78701

Toll-free within Texas: (888) 452-4778

To file a claim with the EEOC

Dallas District Office

207 S. Houston Street, 3rd Floor

Dallas, TX 75202-4726

Phone: (214) 655-3355,

TTY: (214) 655-3363

TWC-CRD and EEOC Complaint Process:

To file a complaint of discrimination with TWC-CRD or EEOC, you must meet the following jurisdictional requirements:

  • The physical address you worked at must be within the state of Texas.
  • The company must have 15 or more employees.
  • The date of discrimination must have occurred within the last 180 days from the date you are submitting the complaint.
  • Your discrimination allegation must specify one or more of the following types: race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability.
  • Your complaint must identify employment harm such as demotion, denial of promotion or termination.

You can also complete their form below if you believe you were discriminated against for any of the reasons listed above.

Employment Discrimination Complaint Form

When you submit an employment discrimination complaint with the Civil Rights Division, it is automatically submitted with EEOC through their Work-sharing Agreement. You cannot submit with both the Civil Rights Division and the EEOC.

For more information, you can visit
www.twc.state.tx.us/jobseekers/how-submit-employment-discrimination-complaint or www.eeoc.gov