Why Choose Us

Because your loved one’s passion is our passion

Every client is unique, every situation is different. Clients turn to Access Care of America for lots of reasons.

Free Outings on Us

We take support one step further by offering free outings (museums, Zoo Excursions, Bowling) to our clients to help them increase their social and motor skills.

Free/subsidize Hair Styling On Us

We take our clients’ natural beauty to the next level by offering free /subsidize hair styling to suit their aesthetic and keep their hair looking just the way they like it.

Amazing fun Programs

We understand that everyone deserves to live a good life and we do our best to help them live their desired lifestyles. Amazing fun programs including health & wellness, Arts & Crafts, & Music & Relaxation is on us.

We Communicate in multiple languages

Because we care, we want our clients to communicate effectively with us, we have qualified interpreters and information written in other languages for those whose primary language is not English.

We welcome and act on your feedback

We know that things change, and we are constantly striving to adapt and improve every aspect of our business to deliver the highest quality of care.

We’re Passionate About What We Do

What sets us apart from the competition is that we’re passionate about the services we provide and are constantly striving to helping our clients reach their full potentials.

Don’t miss out!! We want to be your provider of choice!

Please contact our toll-free at 1-800-845-4031 or email us at info@accesscareofamerica.com