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Fun Activities to do with your loved ones with Special Needs

Mentally disabled woman and young man doing arts and crafts

Mentally disabled woman and young man doing arts and crafts

People who have intellectual and developmental disabilities can engage in fun activities so that their minds will stay stimulated and they will live life as fully as possible. Engaging in different fun activities together with your loved ones will allow them to continue to develop their skills. You can do anything with them that seems interesting depending on their level of competence.


Activities that involve going out into the community give individuals with special needs a chance to socialize and interact. There are numerous great places to visit with your loved ones in Texas including museums, art galleries, sporting events, concerts, dance recitals, community gardens, etc.

Movie theaters, parks and malls are also other fun places to go with your loved ones.

Art and Creative Programs

Art is ideal for individuals with developmental disabilities because it is an open-ended activity. Many Individuals including those who can’t communicate easily might find art fun and an ideal way to express themselves.

There are no real rules for creating artwork, gathering lots of art supplies at home is an easy way to get started. Be there with them, watch every step of their art work or if possible do it together with them.


Playing Games together with your loved ones are great ways to interact and have fun with them. Any types of games that include interaction depending on their level of competence are useful as it helps strengthen relationships and create lasting memories.

Games such as card games like board, video games, poker or go-fish, Chinese checkers, bingo and Checkers, are all games that you can play with your loved ones and spend meaningful time together.

Active Activities

Playing active games such as basketball, dodge ball, soccer games, baseball, and hockey can be active activities that your loved ones with special needs can enjoy. participating in these activities will help them stay active. Tossing balls of various shapes and sizes are all fun active activities to do with your loved ones.

Fitness programs

Engaging in fitness activities like Special Olympics and participating in running, hiking, golfing, walking, Zumba dancing, and musical chairs are some of the active activities you can perform together and enjoy with your loved ones.

Reading Sessions

Reading story books can be a fun activity to do with your loved ones. Picking up books from the library and reading together is a great way to spend enjoyable time with them while promoting their literacy. Reading to them or reading together with them, helps them get involved, process and read text. There is some text-to-speech software (Read & Write), which highlights words as they are spoken this can help your loved ones listen and read thus improving their ability to obtain information firsthand and maintaining their privacy by not having to ask others to read for them.

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